Terms of Sales EN

Unless explicitly stated otherwise in writing, our general conditions of sale form an integral part of our contracts. The customer relinquishes any right to invoke their own conditions of business, which shall be treated as being non-existent.

Invoices are payable at Leopoldsburg, in cash, unless stipulated otherwise. The seller retains title of ownership over all goods sold until payment is received in full.

In case of non-payment late interest will be due without notice, as stipulated in the Debt Payment (Prevention of Arrears) Act. If this Act is not applicable, the legal interest will be charged.

Failure to pay the entire sum by the date due shall incur the further charge of 10 % of the invoice amount, to a minimum of EUR 50 per invoice, subject to a registered letter of default addressed to the customer, notwithstanding the interest mentioned above.

In the event of non-payment we retain the right to suspend without notification the performance of all orders in progress.

Complaints with regard to the invoice, works or deliveries are valid only when received in writing within 8 days. The customer and his representatives shall have no recourse once a valid form has been signed.

Unless specified otherwise, sales take place at the vendor's premises. Any dispute over the interpretation or execution of this contract comes exclusively within the jurisdiction of the courts of law of Hasselt. Belgian law is alone applicable to all our contracts.

All our tenders are free of obligation. Unless stipulated otherwise by us in writing, we reserve the rights to alter our prices without notice. Subsequent orders shall in all respects be fulfilled at the current market price.

We cannot guarantee terms of delivery.

We cannot be held liable for any delay in delivery and a delay cannot give rise to a claim for damages or a refusal to accept goods. Under no terms may we, neither any of the company's managers nor any of its staff be held liable to compensate damage caused by the improper use of our products.

The buyer bears the risks of damage and loss once the goods are delivered.

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